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Pond Hockey Classic News: SYHA Teams Updated
Due to the some last minute changes there have been some roster moves...
Pond Hockey Classic Update - Plan B
It appears Mother Nature has decided that it would be best if we...
Shrewsbury Youth Hockey Tryouts
  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER   Mites: Tryout 1 + 2 = Friday...
Inaugural SYHA Pond Hockey Classic - FULL
  Presenting The Inaugural SYHA Pond Hockey Classic At Dean...
Pond Hockey Sponsors Needed
SYHA Pond Hockey Classic Sponsorship Opportunities February 6, 2016 Dean...
Raffle tickets - January Raffle
JANUARY RAFFLE WINNERS Checks will be sent out within a few weeks...
House League Spring Session
 We have a small spring session coming up (5 skates in late...
SYHA Winter Hats $12 and more!
Order online here: http://assn.la/Store/Store.asp?id=9150&org=syha.net we...
You Shop. Amazon Gives back to SYHA!
  SIMPLY CLICK AND SHOP: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/04-2791606 Shrewsbury...
2016-17 Sponsorship Form
Please consider becoming SYHA sponsor! EQUIPMENT $250 & SYHA...
SYHA Facebook page was created to share your youth hockey experience...
Hockey Season Scheduling
All schedules can be accessed from the Master Schedule. The website...
SYHA Program Offerings
Shrewsbury Youth Hockey offers various programs for youths who are...
Pond Hockey Classic News: SYHA Teams Updated


Due to the some last minute changes there have been some roster moves for the PHC. Please be sure to double check your players team assignment. 

Mites Squirts Pee Wees
M Team 1 SQ Team 1 PW Team 1
(C) Pat Moore (C) Bryan Goodchild (C) John Storey
McRae, Luke Morse, James Juare, Caleb
Alarie, Connor Goodchild, Charlie Alward, Alfred
Salovardos, Zack Grebelsky, Alan Colonero, Gianni
Wilson, Cameron Grubi, Mark Houssan, Joseph
Moore, Cameron Harrington, Luke Reding, Calum
Marchionna, Maxwell Marques, Carter Storey, Drew
Senior, Andrew Norman, Cameron Sullivan, John
Senior, Thomas Moriarty, Lillian Sutkaitis, Jason
Moore, Rylen   Tevekelian, Derek
M Team 2 SQ Team 2  
(C) Dave Samara (C) Ray Jenoski  
Linton, Jake Rondinelli, Tyler PW Team 2
Azzarone, Cole Duffy, Liam (C) John Umile
Caruso, David Grenier, John Hyland, Gavin
Wright, Joshua Desruisseax, Sean Allton, Nolan
Samara, Joseph Jenoski, Ryan McLaughlin, Teddy
Guerin, Christopher Langevin, Jake Pickering III, Will
Marques, Colin Jenoski, Ryan Pride, Jackson
O'Connell, Drew Tyan, Tony Serocki, Cooper
Trovato, Anthony   Umile, Connor
    Warwick, Michael
  SQ Team 3 Forget, Christopher
M Team 3 (C) Eric Ferguson  
(C) Tom Valentine Randazza, Jeffrey  
Molloy, Jacob Christman, Robert Jack  
Albertson, Lauren Coghlin, Colby PW Team 3
Valentine, Brayden Fanale, Dylan (C) Steve Messineo
O'Donnell, Paige Ferguson, Jonathan Marques, Cam
Mitsis, Patrick Gallo, Luke Anderson, Nathan
Boehnke, Tyler Garvin, Noah Ferguson, Owen
Seeton, Cole Houssan, Michael Gentile, Dimitri
Manchester, Riley   Martin, Alexander
McKenzie, Yasmine   Messineo, Zachary
    Morana, Anthony
  SQ Team 4 O'Brien, Jack
M Team 4 (C) Shawn Alarie Scheffel, William
(C) Brian Cotter Vahora, Bodhi  
(C) Will Turner Alarie, jack  
Quinlan, Gavin Biando, Brendan  
Cotter, Colson Duan, Alexander  
Turner, Jacob Lambert, Ryan  
Coran, Cameron McKenzie, Braeden PW Team 4
Coran, Dylan O'Donnell, Peter (C) Randy vanBeekom
Loconsolo, Christian   Colangelo, Steven
Yatim, Jad   Army, Matthew
Carlson, Charlie   Butler, Sean
Rojas, Juaquin SQ Team 5 Gaston, Benjamin
  (C) John Lloyd Merendino, Michael
  Meyer, Joe Merolle, Anthony
M Team 5 Urbanik, Michael Millette, James
(C) Tim Dillon Meyer, Billy Pickering, John
Flynn, William Lloyd, Evan vanBeekom, Jack
Feldman, Ethan Lipka, Nikolas  
German, Jacoby Lusignan, Jake  
Dillon, Thomas Fiore, TJ  
Dillon, James    
Galdi, Tyler    
Meyer, Rebecca    
Song, WIlliam    
Brodeaur, Nathan    

Updated 2-5-16


by posted 02/05/2016
Pond Hockey Classic Update - Plan B

It appears Mother Nature has decided that it would be best if we have the Inaugural SYHA Pond Hockey Classic indoors. Our volunteers have worked months preparing for this event so indoors or out, it promises to be great! We have 24 teams of kids ready to play some hockey and we're ready to go. We are just going to have to GO indoors.


We have finalized a back up plan that will allow this tournament to go on this Saturday as planned (well almost as planned). We have secured 5 hours of ice at the Buffone Rink in Worcester this Saturday and have worked out all of the details to move this event indoors. Of course this requires a few changes, but we are confident the kids will still have an amazing time. The one major change will be the timing of the games. All games will take place between 6 and 11 am. (I know, I know... that's early.) Because we have a tight window of time we will need everyone dressed and ready to go 10 minutes before their respective start times. Please be sure to arrive early enough to check in and be ready. One advantage to moving indoors is we will have locker rooms. Space will be very limited as teams will have to share, but there will be space to put on skates and store bags. It is still recommended that players get dressed at home.


New game schedule:

SQUIRTS - 6:30 am start (ready to go at 6:20)

MITES - 8:00 am start (ready to go at 7:50)

PEE WEES - 9:30 am start (ready to go at 9:20)


The tournament and game format will remain essentially the same. The FREE coffee, hot chocolate, donuts and munchkins will be flowing courtesy of The Marino Family Dunkin Donut stores. 


See you all on the pond rink. 


by posted 02/02/2016
Shrewsbury Youth Hockey Tryouts

Tryout 1 + 2 = Friday April 8th from 5:00pm - 7:00pm at Buffone
Tryout 3 + 4 = Sunday April 10th from 7:30am - 9:20am at Buffone
Tryout 1 + 2 = Wednesday April 6th from 5:10pm - 7:20am at Northstar
Tryout 3 + 4 = Saturday April 9th from 8:00am - 9:50am at Buffone
Tryout 1 = Tuesday April 5th from 6:00pm-7:00pm at Northstar
Tryout 2 = Friday April 8th from 7:00pm-8:00pm at Buffone

by posted 01/27/2016
Inaugural SYHA Pond Hockey Classic - FULL



The Inaugural

SYHA Pond Hockey Classic

At Dean Park

FEBRUARY 6, 2016




Shrewsbury Youth Hockey is proud to announce the 1st Annual SYHA Pond Hockey Classic. Please join us for a day of old-time outdoor hockey filled with friendly competition, music, bon fires, food and hot chocolate. Participants will play hockey the way it was meant to be played; for fun and the love of the game.


This is a one day pond hockey tournament for Mites, Squirts and Pee Wees. The tournament format will be a mixed A-B-C/D. Every team must have an equal number of players from each of the A, B and C/D levels.


All SYHA Mites, Squirts and Pee Wees are encouraged to register. We will enter all of the player’s names into a “blind draw” to select the teams. Names will be chosen at random from a hat and teams will be formed combining equal numbers of players for each of our Blue, Gold, White and Black teams.


All games will be played on the pond at Dean Park in Shrewsbury, MA.


  • Every team must have a minimum of 9 players and a maximum of 12.
  • Each division will have a max of 8 teams.
  • Games will be played 3 on 3 with no goalies.
  • Full equipment is required. (Players are encouraged to dress at home. There will be no locker rooms.)
  • Each team will play a minimum of four 12 minute running time games in the qualifying round.
  • Most Goals wins the game
  • Top four teams based on aggregate goal differential after the qualifying round will play in a playoff round and compete for a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal.
  • Teams that miss the Medal round will play 2 consolation games.
  • Registration fee for SYHA players: $25.00
  • register now:  FULL


With your registration each player will receive:

  • A commemorative tournament gift
  • A slice of pizza and a drink
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to each player of the winning teams
  • A day of old time hockey fun


Game Schedule:

  • Mites: 8:30 – 10:30 am
  • Pee Wees: 11:00 – 1:00 pm
  • Squirts: 1:30 am – 3:30 pm


There will be coffee, hot chocolate, snacks, pizza and bottled water available for sale. Spectators are encouraged to bring their own chairs.  


Don’t miss out on this amazing event! It’s the only one of its kind in the area and your organization is hosting it. Be sure to register right away. Deadline for registration is Friday December 4, 2015. Teams will be drawn on Monday December 7th and posted on Tuesday Dec 8th. FULL


Contact Harry Gaston at with questions.


*Because this is an outdoor tournament SYHA may need to postpone or cancel this event do to unsafe ice conditions, inclement weather or unforeseen act of God. The scheduled “rain date” is Saturday February 6, 2016. If it becomes necessary to cancel this event, refunds will be issued. ** Because this tournament is for the fun of the game and to create a positive experience for the kids, use of the honor system is expected when selecting teams. *** All players MUST be registered with USA Hockey. All players must sign a Tournament Waiver.


***** This is a USA Hockey sanctioned tournament ****

by posted 01/19/2016
Pond Hockey Sponsors Needed

SYHA Pond Hockey Classic Sponsorship Opportunities
February 6, 2016 Dean Park, Shrewsbury MA
The SYHA invites local businesses to become a sponsor for our 1st annual Pond Hockey Classic!
This new event, held on the ice at Dean Park, provides a great opportunity for businesses to become involved in the community. Shrewsbury Youth Hockey Association will be promoting online and through local newspapers leading up to the event as well as on-site exposure to hundreds of spectators and players.
PLEASE CONTACT: if you would like to be a sponsor.
We hope that your business will consider becoming involved in our 
1st Annual SYHA Pond Hockey Classic
We look forward to partnering with you to benefit the Shrewsbury Community!
Ways to Sponsor:
·         Company Logo on website
·         SYHA social media recognition
·         Rink named after Company
·         Company Signage on rink day of event
·         Company Logo on website
·         SYHA social media recognition
·         Lawn signage day of event

by posted 01/18/2016
Raffle tickets - January Raffle


Checks will be sent out within a few weeks to the address provided on the raffle stub! 

House League's Colin Lucey! It just happens to be his Birthday Month to! HE SOLD 30 TICKETS!

Baseball hats are in for people that sold 15 + tickets, reach out to your team parent for sizing.

1 LIAM DUFFY Squirt Gold
2 Jeffrey Randazza Squirt White
3 Camarra House League
4 Michael Hou Squirt Black
5 Jenn Vohora Squirt Black
6 Kerry Manchester Mite White
7 Wayne Sperring House League
8 Sullivan Pee Wee White
9 Corey Quinlan Mite White 
10 Jane Hack House League
11 Ryan Jenkowski Squirt Blue
12 Jamie Parker Squirt Blue
13 Alan Lipka Squirt White
14 Gina Hamilton Mite White
15 Sheila Barter Mite Gold
16 Marina Mandrikova House League
17 Braeden McKenzie Squirt Blue
18 Joanne Green Mite White
19 Laurie Zukowski House League
20 Karen Youngs House League
21 Alan Gabrielsen Mite Gold
22 Ryan Jenkowski Squirt Blue
23 Yvonne Garcia Mite Blue
24 Dave Samara Mite White
25 Tricia Gallo Squirt Blue
26 Libby Rutigliano Mite Gold
27 Mary Kate Ulrich Squirt White
28 Rick Mahoney House League
29 Chris Pizzeri House League
30 Jeanne O'Toole House League
31 Jean Giles Mite Gold

by posted 01/08/2016
House League Spring Session

 We have a small spring session coming up (5 skates in late March and April) and then our traditional house league program runs starting in November.

We also are a part of the Little Bruins Program again this year in October 2016. We had many players start for first time with the little bruins program and then roll right into our Shrewsbury House League Program in November. You get all the equipment for $100. Details from this years program in link below.
Here is info on both:

by posted 01/05/2016
SYHA Winter Hats $12 and more!

Order online here:


we also some some items in our inventory available 

last updated 11/25/15


by posted 11/08/2015
You Shop. Amazon Gives back to SYHA!


SIMPLY CLICK AND SHOP: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/04-2791606

Shrewsbury Youth Hockey Association Inc

by posted 12/12/2014
2016-17 Sponsorship Form

Sponsor SYHA

Please consider becoming SYHA sponsor!



Team Sponsor:$450 donation. You will get the following benefits:

1. Your name on the sponsored teams practice jersey.

2. Exclusive Web Banner on your team’s web page at http://www.syha.net

3. Rotating Header on the SYHA Home page with a link to your business website on the SYHA sponsor page

4. Team Sponsorship plaque with Team Photo for you to display at your business

5. Three Sponsorship email blasts to the SYHA members

6. Sponsorship is Tax Deductible (see info at bottom of page)

7. Most importantly, the satisfaction from helping a local non-profit organization provide a quality hockey program for our community’s youth!

by posted 10/21/2014


SYHA Facebook page was created to share your youth hockey experience and to promote the program and it's goals.  Feel free to post to our wall to share NEWS and PHOTOS!



by posted 10/21/2014
Hockey Season Scheduling
All schedules can be accessed from the Master Schedule. The website also provides the option to subscribe to a google calendar or iCal feed.  The directions are here:

    - Select the team you're interested in from the "Teams" dropdown on the top horizontal bar.
    - Select "Schedule" from the vertical bar on the left
    - There are buttons for the ical or google calendar feed on the top right 

SYHA Board

by posted 10/26/2012
SYHA Program Offerings
Shrewsbury Youth Hockey offers various programs for youths who are interested in learning to skate or play hockey.

House League
The House League is Shrewsbury Youth Hockey’s Learn to Play Hockey Program. This program teaches basic hockey skills to children ages 4 to 8. The program includes skating and hockey skills instruction and hockey games. No prior skating or hockey experience is required.  Full Hockey equipment is needed.
The House League plays cross ice hockey. The rink is separated into three sections, goal line to blue line; and then the other blue line to goal line. Each section of the ice will have children grouped with peers who posess similar skills; Beginner (any skater who has minimal skating experience); Intermediate (skaters with 1-2 years experience) and then Advanced (skaters with more then 2 years of experience.

Many of our house league players move on to the Shrewsbury Town teams and play competitive hockey.

SYHA fields town teams which play competitive hockey at Northstar and practice at Buffone Arena in Worcester. The season starts in August and end in April with league playoffs.




by posted 08/13/2012
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Game Results
Pure Hockey Equipment Package
Click the link below for information on the Starter Package of a full set of equipment for $179.95 (includes skates).  This package is avaliable in the Marlborough store as well as online.